Customer Testimonials

No more pets smells
Great pet odour remover.
Sue, Wellington
Septic System Odour Control
The best thing i've tried...knocked the odour on the head from my septic tank and has kept it away. Also, heaps cheaper than that SeptiCure stuff from Frmlands, which wasn't nearly as good as this stuff!!! Really pleased with Ecogreen and will certainly buy more if the problem ever arises again.
Doug C, Matamata
Awesome Toilet Cleaner
Cheers for the info on your Toilet and urinal Cleaner...very helpful service and spot on advice and what is best for my waterless toilet. Great product that works & lasts. Very happy
Steve from KatiKati, Katikati
Excellent Odour Remover!
Just love the General Odour Eliminator!!! Doesn't smell like a chemical one...well done. Can you guys get a shop in Auckland, would be my only complaint.
Linda Fredrickson, Auckland
Great Grease Trap Treatment!
My grease trap was smelling so bad that even the dog was thinking of leaving. Regular treatment with Ecogreen Grease Trap Treatment has been so effective that the dog has decided to stay, and so cost effective that I can now afford to buy him a new kennel. This is a great product, and the dog and I have no reservations in giving it our tick of approval (that's not the tick on the dog you understand). Phil & Arnold.
Phil & Arnold, Kaiwaka
Toilet Cleaner
This is a brilliant eco-friendly product. We use this on public toilets and heavy build up areas of lime with great success. We have also used this product in jobs for The Department of Corrections. Regards, Dave Weitzel Marketing Manager, KSG Corp Commercial Cleaners, Palmerston North
Dave Weitzel, Palmserton North
Pet Odour Eliminator
I am a breeder of Burmese cats and have started to use Ecogreen as a deodoriser in the catteries and litter trays. I find it is a great odour eliminator and has no effect on the cats. The pet friendly odour eliminator is a really great product. Thanks Ecogreen for producing such a wonderful product. I highly recommend using it with pets:) From:, Wanganui
Hand Sanitiser
I love the Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser you guys have for hands feel great and not dry after using it several times per day, unlike the stuff they have at work.
M Seabrook, Chrsitchurch
Grease & Oil Remover Testimonial
Grease and Oil Remover We have used this product on concert, engineering workshop floors with outstanding results. It is easy to apply and then remove with a wet mop and comes in a user friendly container. Suitable for use on leaking oil spots in garages and on driveways. Regards, Dave Weitzel Marketing Manager KSG Corp Commercial Cleaners Palmerston North
Dave Weitsel, Palmerston North
BioTab Testimonial
We have been using your Ecogreen BioTabs on a large commercial 4 stage grease trap. Prior to changing to your product we were frequently above Wellington City Council's Waste bylaw levels. We can claim now that we are constantly within the specified limits. Thank you for a great product which exceeded our initial expectations. Kind regards and all the best. Heinz Wieser Managing Director of Energysave Ltd.
Heinz Wieser, Wellington
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