Ecogreen Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

The attached test results show the effectiveness of the Ecogreen Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser over differing periods. The tests show that even after 4 hours from application, the Ecogreen Hand Sanitiser is still effectively killing 99.999% of bacteria.

1. Hand Sanitiser 30 seconds

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2. Hand Sanitiser 30 minutes, 2 hours & 4 hours

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Ecogreen 30 Day Sanitiser / Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser

Independent tests show that even after 29 days from application, the Ecogreen 30 Day Sanitiser / Long Lasting Surface Sanitiser is still killing over 99.88% of bacteria.

1. 30 Day Test Results

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2. 30 Day Sanitiser E. Coli & S. Aureus

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Video Results

Ecogreen Exclusive Bio Technology in Action.....Clean...Maintain....Enhance. 

Ecogreen beneficial bacteria solutions (such as Ecogreen Toilet & Urinal Cleaner, Drain & Pipe Clear, Septic System Odour Control, Pond Maintainer & Pond Starter) incorporate the same exclusive bio-technology exhibited below that allows our liquid bacteria products to achieve extremely high concentrations of waste digesting and odour controlling beneficial bacteria, with fantastic results...giving you a great proven clean, helping maintain your plumbing & wastewater treatment. 

BEFORE - This video shows a urinal drain prior to treatment with Ecogreen Bio Sanitiser. Note the small drain hole that is nearly blocked, and extensive build up of lime scale all around the plumbing.

AFTER - This Video was taken post treatment of the same urinal drain. In only 6 weeks, the Ecogreen Bio Sanitiser was able to heavily reduce the build up within the plumbing and around the elbow deep in the system- In fact, only a small amount of build up remains. This treatment has not only improved the look of the urinal, but also reduced odours, improved the water quality and prevented a costly blockage from occurring.

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