Green and clean. Households and businesses no longer demand cleaning products that are only scientifically proven to work. They must also be green.

So, what does ‘green’ mean? In the context of cleaning supplies, ‘green’ means being eco-friendly to both the natural environment and to the household and business environments in which cleaning agents are used.

Using green cleaning agents is imperative as they directly benefit the sustainability of our vulnerable environment, and the health ecosystem of individual people.

Using green products is paramount to remove the use of dangerous chemical cleaners that hurt both the natural environment and people exposed to the chemical cleaning products. The danger of chemical cleaners has been known for a long time. It is with sound reasoning you’re advised to wear gloves, avoid contact with your skin and not to breathe in any fumes.

It is dangerous not only at the point of cleaning, but afterwards when family, friends and pets begin using the area and are subsequently exposed to those chemicals. And, it’s especially harsh on kids. Children have a less developed ability to remove those toxins from their body, making non-green cleaning products potentially more harmful to them.

Ecogreen create green cleaning products in three different, eco-friendly ways using advanced bio-technology.

Bacteria-based cleaning products are created by identifying the most effective strains of bacteria for specific cleaning tasks, from laundry detergent to household cleaners. They are then engineered to remove all traces of unnecessary compounds. Not only is this process more effective than using harsh chemicals, it is safe, doesn’t harm the environment and the cleaning results are scientifically proven to be longer lasting.

Other methods to create green cleaning products include using plant extracts and natural anti-bacterial products that destroy the cells of contaminants. This leaves your home or office free from germs, mould and mildew.

These processes are used in a number of our green cleaning products, which:

  • Clean clothes with superior stain removal using green laundry detergent; and
  • Eliminates stubborn dirt, grease and grime with green household cleaners.

A sustainable future is available for both households and companies who choose green cleaning products. We have individual products available in retail stores, as well as cleaning supplies available wholesale for commercial purchase.

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